Automatic valves Series SCS, VNR, VSO and VSC

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Circuit selector Mod. SCS Unidirectional valves Series VNR Quick exhaust valves Series VSO - VSC

Series general data

Valve group automatic valves
Construction poppet-type
Materials Series SCS: AL body - brass bush - NBR seals - Delrin poppet Series VNR: brass body - NBR seals - stainless steel spring Series VSO: brass body - NBR seals Series VSC: brass body - Desmopan seal
Mounting in any position
Ports M5 - G1/8 - G1/4 - G3/8 - G1/2 - G3/4
Operating temperature 0°C ÷ 80°C (with dry air -20°C)
Fluid filtered air, without lubrication. If lubricated air is used, it is recommended to use ISO VG32 oil. Once applied the lubrication should never be interrupted.