Technology meets Competence News 2015

07 April 2015
Camozzi’s components are designed and developed to meet the requirements of an ever more demanding market looking for innovation and reliability, but also for flexibility and tailor-made solutions.

Camozzi’s 2015 portfolio includes several types of products: from actuators to FRL, from grippers to unidirectional and proportional valves up to the new multi-serial module CX3.

This module, which represents the evolution of CX2 Serial Module, can interface with all major serial communication protocols as well as the new generation ones.

Moreover, it can be directly connected to all Camozzi valve islands including Series H, Series 3 and Series F.

The new Series 63 pneumatic actuators, which comply with the ISO 15552 standard, guarantee high performance whilst also offering significant reductions in weight.

They are available in a wide range of versions which makes them suitable for use in many sectors and applications. The new Series CGPT pneumatic grippers ensure a high gripping force from a compact and light body whilst also guaranteeing excellent repeatability.

The new range of air treatment Series MD, consisting of a wide range of modular components, is compact, light and combines high performance with great flexibility of connection and orientation.

Series CP directly operated solenoid valves, available in the new size of 20 mm, are cartridge valves which can operate even with vacuum.

Moreover, Camozzi’s valve portfolio is reinforced by the Series VNR unidirectional valves. The compact design and the cartridge construction makes them suitable for use in integrated pneumatic circuits.


27 Februari 2020
Series DB - Dental Multichannel Manifold
27 Februari 2020
Series DB - Fluid Multichannel Manifold
27 Februari 2020
ISO 6432 cylinder with auto-cushioning
27 Februari 2020
Series D Valve island with Coilvision technology
27 Februari 2020
Proportional pressure regulator with Coilvision technology
27 Februari 2020
Series QR - Rotary Actuator with Rack and Pinion system
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Technology meets Competence News 2015
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